Klima und wertvolle Ressourcen schützen

Längst ist bekannt, dass die fossilen Ressourcen immer knapper werden, während gleichzeitig der Energiebedarf immer weiter ansteigt. Das amerikanische Unternehmen “Green Gallon Solutions” an dem auch das deutsche Unternehmen Prosperia beteiligt ist, hat nun ein Konzept gefunden, gebrauchtes Pflanzenöl in hoch effektiven Biodiesel umzuwandeln.

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The latest trend: Smokeless Cigarettes

Cancer is, and has been one of the leading causes of death in America for quite some time. At the start of the cigarette smoking revolution smokers had no idea the serious damage that they were doing to their bodies by smoking at all and some were smoking daily. Some smokers inhaled packs of cigarettes each and everyday. In recent years teens have even been targeted through clever campaign ads, it is normally too late when a smoker decides to quite. The addiction to tobacco is overwhelming and too powerful to manage alone. There have been a few inventions created to help those that suffer from this addiction. The patch is one of those inventions, a patch is is literally affixed to your arm releasing small doses of nicotine as hours of the day go by so that you will avoid the urge to light up. Nicorette, a gum made to also help smokers is a chewing gum with a small amount of nicotine inside to help you kick the habit by chewing this gum when you feel the urge.

There have been other inventions as well. Recently the electronic cigarette came on the market. It has the look and feel of a real cigarette without the smoke. The smokeless cigarette is a device that has a small liquid reservoir, a power source and a heating element. It is powered by battery or the use of a usb adapter. The electronic cigarette is portable, self-contained, and varies in size. A vapor of your choice of flavor is released when you inhale to give you the sense of smoking. It also comes in nicotine free versions.

Even though the public is just now becoming aware of this as an option to kick the smoking habit, it has been patented since the 1960’s by a man Herbert A. Gilbert . I twas not put on the market then due to the fact that technology did not exist to take it all the way to the stores and the health risks of smoking were not yet discovered. There was one more attempt at the invention in 2001 by Stephane Vlachos that also never made it to market. It was not until 2007, after working on his invention since 2003, did Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik finally get an international patent. There area four components three of which all electronic cigarettes carry. The cartridge ( mouth piece), the LED light cover, the atomizer, and the battery and circuitry housing.
Blu cigs coupon codes an other discounts on smokeless cigarettes and electronic cigarette products are being offered. If you are a smoker looking for a way to quit and an alternative to patches and gum the electronic cigarette is another option.

Redecorating your home – the latest trends in interior design and furnishing

Interior designers say that fashions and trends in interior design and home decoration usually last 5-7 years. This might seem rather long compared to the frequently changing fashion-scene that seems to recreate itself each season. If you consider that furniture are goods you´re not likely to change and replace as quickly as out-of-date clothes, it´s always clever to take a look ahead on interior design and furnishing trends!

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Welche TV-Geräte liegen beim Energie sparen vorn?

Während bei fast allen Haushaltsgeräten der Energieverbrauch sinkt, scheint der Stromverbrauch fürs Fernsehen rapide in die Höhe zu schnellen. Das hat zwei Gründe: Das Wachstum der Fernseher ist der Erste, denn die Bildschirmdiagonale des Fernsehers ist ja fast ein Statussymbol und wird immer größer, weil moderne Flachbildgeräte immer günstiger werden. Zu Zeiten der Röhrengeräte war die Größe der Monitore technisch durch die Größe der Vakuumröhren begrenzt, aber LCD und Plasmamonitore kennen diese Grenze nicht. Zweitens steigt der Stromverbrauch, weil die sparsamste Technik, die Bildröhre, nicht mehr zeitgemäß ist. Der höhere Platzbedarf der Röhrengeräte und der inzwischen auch höhere Preis schrecken ab.

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Ansturm auf Ökostrom?

In diesem Jahr hat sich ein Szenario in der deutschen Energiepolitik ergeben, von dem viele Alt-Grüne schon seit Jahrzehnten geträumt haben. Der Atomausstieg wurde beschlossen und die Energiegewinnung aus der Kernspaltung mit all ihren unangenehmen Nebeneffekten wird bald Geschichte sein. Auch so werden die Menschen noch lange mit den radioaktiven Abfällen zu tun haben, doch zumindest wird in diesem Land kein neuer produziert. Nun scheint auch für den Letzten der Startschuss gefallen, sich auch bei der hauseigenen Energieversorgung nach Alternativen umzusehen.

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Treasures of Africa

Experience the beauty and diversity of Africa’s most treasured national parks inhabited by a huge variety of animals. There are too many parks to list them all, but here are a few worth mentioning.

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